Many, many batches have been made, tasted, tweaked, tasted and refined (and tasted some more). It’s tough work, but as the saying goes, someone has to do it (and the results have been spectacular). Our inaugural list of flavours is below……

All flavours come in 150ml and 473ml containers.


McLeod Road Rocky Poth
Chocolate ice cream with marshmallows, white chocolate chips and chunks of caramel fudge.


Sandy Point Lumpy & Bumpy

Salted vanilla ice cream with chunks of salted caramel fudge and salted caramel crunchies


Muddy Wombat Tracks

Chocolate ice cream spiced with cinnamon and cloves with pieces of date and chunks of caramel fudge


Mt Oberon Chocolate Ripple

Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips and pieces of chocolate biscuit


Summer at Squeaky

Fresh banana ice cream with pieces of pineapple and mango and chunks of raspberry fudge.

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