Hi guys,
Your ice cream is crazy good. The muddy wombat tracks is sublime and very special. Looking forward to a long and loving relationship. Any chance you will be selling in Melbourne metro soon?

Wow! Just wow. Can’t wait to see you grow your business and expand. This ice cream is just heavenly. So disappointed we are in Geelong and can’t get our hands on any.

I just wanted to tell you how amazing your ice cream is. We bought some of the Sandy Point one in Fish Creek and were back the very next day to buy two more tubs. We think it’s the best ice cream we’ve had. As I was buying there were two other women also buying the same flavour and saying how great it is. We’re from Melbourne, would love to see it stocked there.

It is sooo delicious. Congratulations on a wonderful beginning!

We’ve just returned home from our holiday at the prom and wanted to comment on your product. It’s the best ice cream I’ve had!…and that’s saying a bit because I love my ice cream! We always sample local produce when we travel and it’s nice when we are rewarded with high quality like we were with your ice cream. My particular favourites were the ‘McLeod Road Rocky Pothole’ and surprisingly the ‘Summer at Squeaky’ (which is surprising because I’m not usually a fan of mango, but the flavour combination was fantastic). Congratulations on a great product and good luck with your business. From my point of view, it’s just disappointing that I wont be able to get any more of your ice cream for a while!!

Hmmmm…how far are you willing to move ice cream?
Kerry (USA)

Tried your Delicious Ice Cream last Saturday night, I would love to see it available in Melbourne. Good Luck with your venture.

Yay! Worth the drive into the city!

Its good, you have to try it.

My daughter and her family loved your ice cream when on holiday in Sandy Point. Can I buy it anywhere in Melbourne?


These taste so bloody good.

I have been blown away by the incredible flavours of both muddy wombat tracks and rocky pothole- can’t wait to try more! Next level ice cream.


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